• Relationships and Intimacy through Nonviolent Communication, Neurobiology and Family Constellations

    Warszawa, Rajszew pod Warszawą

    Have you ever wondered how to create and nourish warm, resilient, intimate relationships? Do you know what you long for but find it difficult to follow a path that will take you there, whether you want deeper friendships or more intimate partnerships?

    When we and our friends and partners have a sense of being “gotten,” when we are deeply attuned to, and we deeply attune, our relationships take in the nourishment and attention and care like thirsty, struggling plants finally receiving the water and nutrients we need to grow.

    Resonant attention and language changes the way we see ourselves. Relational language transforms us. With our new eyes, we start to transmute our experiences of shame, rage, terror and self-doubt in relationship into the sense that we are enough, just as we are.

    This course uses interpersonal neurobiology to explain how mobilize and nourish the right hemisphere to access our innate, human capacity for deep resonance with ourselves and each other.

    In this 5 day course, you will experience:

    How resonance — what happens when we have a sense that we are understood — is key to finding closeness in relationship.
    A foundational understanding of the way the brain may not be in synch with present time, creating blocks to intimacy.
    How you might be keeping yourself stuck in old patterns that prevent a depth of connection.
    How resonance and constellation work change our brains and help us heal painful pasts.
    On top of this, Sarah will use Family Constellations as a gateway to explore and open to a deeper understanding of how we relate to ourselves, to our history and to one another. If you are a Family Constellation facilitator, expect inspiration and deepening.

    Więcej informacji: https://rebuildingforempathy.wordpress.com